How To Add A Guest Account In Windows 10

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Step 1 – Click on the bottom left-hand corner beside the start button where it says “type here to search” you will then type in Add edit 

Step 2 – Click on the option that is already highlighted blue as shown above in step 1. 

A brand-new window will open that looks like this. 

Step 3 – Locate the other user’s section at the bottom of the page. 

And find the add someone else to this PC as shown down below. 

Step 4 – A window will pop-up where it will ask you to sign-in, I usually just click on the button underneath where it says “I don’t have this person’s information”, and then “add user without a Microsoft account”.

As Shown Below 

Step 5 – Fill out all necessary sections and click on next. 

Step 6 – Confirm to make sure that the account was created in other users section. 

Here is a video on how to do it step-by-step.


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