How To Change Username in Mac OS

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Step 1

First left click on the Apple logo in the top left right hand corner.

Step 2

Find System Preferences, It will be the second option in the menu

Step 3

Locate the users and groups section and double left click on it. Location will be in the first half of the menu.

A window that looks like this will pop-up.

Step 4

Left click on “Click the lock to make changes section” the location is at the bottom left hand side of the screen that is in step 3. Type in your password and click on unlock or click enter.

Step 5

Find the name that you want to change the username for and right click on it (right click is using two fingers at the same time in the bottom right hand corner of the mouse pad).

Left click on Advanced Options.

Step 6

Another window will pop-up and the forth option is Full name, that is the username section. Change that field to whatever you want, and left click on OK. It should change instantly.

Down below before and after pictures are located.


Here is a video if you prefer to have it shown.

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