How To Encrypt A Folder On Mac

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Step 1

  • Have your folder ready that will be used for password protecting. I have mine on my desk top for easier locating. Mine folder will be called “TEST”.
new folder called Test on mac desktop

Step 2

  • Left Click On Finder (Figure 2)
  • Left Click on Applications (Figure 3)
Finder is circled from Mac Dock (taskbar)
Figure 2
Applications is circled in the mac finder.
Figure 3

Step 3

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and locate utilities and double left click on it.
Utilities is circled in red since we are looking for that folder from applications.

Step 4

  • Locate Disk Utility and Left Click on it.
  • A new pop-up will come up with all of your information about your computer.
Disk Utility is circled in red since we want to double click on that.

Step 5

  • Left click on file in the menu bar at the top of your screen.
  • Navigate to New Image > Image From Folder
We want to go to file, and then new image, and then image from folder.

Step 6

  • A new window will pop-up, here you will pick which folder you want to be password protected. For me it was my TEST folder.
  • Don’t forget to left click on choose
Here we will choose the folder we want to use to encrypt. For myself I have circled TEST folder, then make sure you click choose.

Step 7

  • Left Click on the drop down menu bar for encryption, and choose 256-bit AES encryption. (Figure 4)
  • Another window will pop-up asking you to choose a password and to verify it. This just means to retype it the same password again. (Figure 5)
Another window will pop-up, click on encryption, and set it to 256-bit encryption (more secure, but slower)
Figure 4
you will be asked to type in password and to verify. Verify means to retyping the same password as above.
Figure 5

Step 7

  • For the imagine format choose read/write, which means you will be able to see it and be able to change files either adding or removing them from that encrypted folder.
image format should be changed to read/write, then click on save.

Step 8

  • Left Click on Save
  • Once you hit save it will start creating the folder. That will be a .dmg folder.
When you hit save, A new .dmg file folder will be created.

Step 9

  • Test that it your encrypted folder works.
  • My folder was on my desktop, and it is currently working.
To test it, double click on the .dmg folder that was created where ever you saved it, type in password, and go head and hit OK.

  • A new device will open on your desktop as soon as you click on OK with all of your files in it. It should look like the one I circled in red.
A new drive looking icon will show up on your desktop, double click on that and check all of the files are there. You can also add and remove files.
  • Open it and confirm all of your files that you want are in there. You can edit whatever you want in there, and then eject it and all the files should stay in there that you want.

If you want to see a step-by-step process of it take a look below:

If you have any other questions or requests feel free to email me.

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