How to Get Retro Flip Clock Screensaver For Mac OS

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Step 1

Open up any browser that you want.

For this example I will be opening up Google Chrome

Step 2

In the section address bar, type in and click enter.

Step 3

A screen will come up like this (picture below), and in order to enter the main page, where the installation process starts you will need to left click on the the entire image that is shown on the page or to make it easier just click on any of the 9 numbers as shown below.

Step 4

On the main page, scroll down to about halfway through the page. There are two options (Windows or Mac) Left Click on Download underneath the Mac option. As indicated in picture below.

Step 5

Find the download in the download folder. Left Click on it once. A new window will appear that looks like this.

Step 6

Double Left Click on the “Fliqlo.saver” icon.

Step 7

The program will open another window and will bring you to the screensaver section. Make sure that Fliqlo is the one that is highlighted, and you can decide at the top of the window when the screensaver (retro flip clock) will be activated. I currently have mine activated within an hour of me not touching the screen it will turn on by itself. You are allowed to change it to whatever you heart desires.


Preview is also available by hovering over the clock screen in the middle of the page.

Step 8

Once you have chosen what configuration you would like, you can gracefully close the tab, as it will automatically save any changes you have made.

Here is a video on how to do it step-by-step if needed.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial


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