How to Get Retro Flip Clock Screensaver Windows 10

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Step 1

Open up a browser any of your choose, and type in into the website bar. Like I have in the picture below

In order to enter into the website download page, click on the anywhere on the ipad, mac, or iphone.

fliqlo website on google chrome

Step 2

You will scroll down until this point (see picture below) where it has the two options of which operating system to download

Since we are using Windows computer, download the one on the right.

fliqlo website on google chrome

Step 3

Find the download where ever you saved it to, once you find the file, it will be downloaded as a “”.
Right click on the file and find extract all (see picture below)

file explorer on windows 10

Once that is done downloading a new should pop up with your files in there

should look something like this :

file explorer on windows 10

Step 4

Left click on the “Fliqlo.scr” twice, this will bring up the clock and it will display itself to you.

file explorer on windows 10

Step 5

Once this happens move the mouse to exit the screensaver.

Now, we will need to setup that the Fliqlo screensaver will turn on every single time we don’t touch the mouse for a certain amount of time.

Step 6

Left click on the type here to search and type in ”screensaver”

Step 7

Left click on the very first option as I do in the example below

A window will pop up that will look like this

Step 8

Left click on the arrow that is below screen saver and beside settings button and look for Fliqlo in the menu section, and left click on that one.

Click on Preview if an error comes up saying that you need adobe flash player.

Download it from this site :

You can not download it from the adobe website because it no longer is supported by them.


If you would like to watch a video of this process it can be found here :

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