How To Schedule Auto Shutdown Windows 10

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Step 1

  • Go to the “Type here to Search” and type in Task Scheduler.
  • Left Click on the first option that comes up, just like in the example below.

Step 2

  • A new pop-up will come up.
  • Locate Create Basic Task
  • Left Click On Create Basic Task

Step 3

  • Another pop-up window will pop up, here you need to name the task, this can me named another, I just named it Shutdown @ 3am
  • Click NEXT when the name field is complete.

Step 4

  • Next, Pick how often you want this shutdown schedule to occur.
  • For this demonstration I will select Daily. You can pick whatever you like.
  • Click Next when you made your selection.

Step 5

  • Pick what time and date you want the shutdown to be completed at.
  • Left Click on Next when you have chosen your time.

Step 6

  • Leave the default option (start a program) and click on Next.

Step 7

  • Type in the field exactly as I have it down below in the screenshot.
  • Click Next when all of the fields are filled out.

Step 8

  • The last step will need to do is just confirm that all of your configuration that you have done is correct.
  • Note: Mine may TRIGGER may look different then yours, but ACTION field should look the exact same.
  • Left click on Finish and you are done.

  • Last thing you can do is confirm that it was added to your Task Schedule Library

If you want to see a video of the step-by-step process check below:

If you have any other questions or requests feel free to email me.

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