How To Update Mac OS When No Updates Showing In The App Store | How to get old versions of Mac OS

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How To Update Mac OS When No Updates Showing In The App Store | How to get old versions of Mac OS

Ever go to the App Store and try to download the Mac OS update big sur, and for some reason it just won’t work? when you click it does nothing happen ? Or when you click it does it say calculating for hours and hours and even days ?

This is the order that the operating systems go in from Top to Bottom (Newest to Oldest).

1) Big Sur

2) Catalina

3) Mojave

4) High Sierra

5) Sierra

6) El Capitan

7) Yosemite

This order is very important because you are unable to jump any of the updates, for example : going from El Capitan Update to Mojave, you will not be able to do that. You would need to go to Sierra, and then High Sierra, and finish off with Mojave.

Every single install of operating system needs to be done in order to move on to the next possible operating systems. No Skipping.

Make sure that you save all of your work and files to avoid losing any of your important files, before attempting these updates.

Disclaimer: If your hardware in your computer is too old, you will only be able to download the operating systems to a certain point until it will no longer be compatible.

Step 1

First go to any internet browser and open a new window and type in

Step 2

The page should look something like this.

Now Scroll to the bottom until a section that says “Use Safari to Download MacOS on your Mac. (Picture below)

Step 3

Go to the list above and see which OS is installed on Mac, and go one above it.

For example : I will say that I am using Sierra currently, the next level up would be High Sierra. I would click on High Sierra Option.

Step 4

Once clicked on a window will pop up and say this:

Left Click on Open App Store Button.

Step 5

Once clicking Open App Store, the app store will begin to open and take you right to the Operating System that you have chosen. Like the picture below

Step 6

Click on Get and Install and follow all the steps that is required to do.

Step 7

Repeat until you have desired operating system is reached.

Here is a video on how to do it step-by-step if needed.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial


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